How Is High Eye Pressure Treated?


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Medically referred to as ocular hypertension, high eye pressure can be treated using eye drops, as stated by WebMD. Surgical and laser therapy usually have a high risk for the patient developing glaucoma. However, if patients are uncomfortable with the use of medications, they can opt for laser or surgical therapy.

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The main aim of using medications is to control the pressure to prevent the condition from developing into glaucoma. Therefore, following the advice of a doctor and sticking to medication are necessary for the patient. Failure to do so can lead to permanent vision loss and optic nerve damage. Patients at a greater risk of suffering from glaucoma or optic nerve damage are usually advised to start medication immediately. Surgical operation or laser therapy can only be performed after patients have discussed them with their health care provider and understand the risks involved.

Depending on the severity of an individual's condition, patients suffering from ocular hypertension need to see the doctor at least after every 2 months. If the medication has not adequately controlled the pressure, a patient should expect more regular visits to the doctor. Patients with intense pressure usually require close monitoring by a doctor since they are at higher risk of getting glaucoma.

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