What Does a High Cervix Mean?


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About.com explains that a high cervix is one of the characteristics that indicates the ovaries are about to release an ovum. The position of the cervix, the extent to which it is open and its firmness are all characteristics that change throughout a woman’s menstrual cycle.

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According to About.com, when the cervix is low, closed and firm, ovulation is usually not imminent. By contrast, at or near the time of ovulation, the cervix should be soft and open, in addition to high. At some times, the cervix can be so high that it is difficult to reach. By tracking the movement of the uterus, a woman can predict her most fertile times. It is during these times that women seeking to conceive should have intercourse. About.com explains that tracking the position of the cervix is something that women can do themselves, although it can take practice to learn how to find the cervix and interpret the way it feels.

About.com recommends avoiding cervical inspections right after sex, as the cervix often moves during intercourse. Additionally, it is important to practice good hygiene when inserting fingers into the vagina to avoid contaminating the area with pathogens. Women suffering from vaginal yeast infections should not attempt to palpate their cervix until the infection has cleared up completely.

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