What Is a High-Capacity Weight Scale?

A high-capacity weight scale offers users a higher-capacity read-out, typically measuring up to 550 pounds, while standard at-home scales only measure up to 330 to 400 pounds, explains ConsumerSearch.com. Users who purchase a high-capacity weight scale often do so to avoid trips to their physicians to monitor their weight and track weight-loss goals, as physicians' offices have scales that read a higher capacity.

Recommended high-capacity at-home weight scales include the My Weigh XL-550 talking bathroom scale and the EatSmart Precision Plus scale, as of 2015, while the Health-O-Meter Professional Upright scale and the Siltec WS-1000L high-capacity scale are recommended professional models, according to ConsumerSearch.com. The My Weigh XL-550 provides a talking feature for those who cannot read the scale and for those who have impaired vision; this model costs $40 to $50 and reads up to 550 pounds. Readings on this scale typically take six to seven seconds to appear, and users who have difficulty balancing may find that this scale does not work for them.

The EatSmart Precision Plus scale measures a capacity of up to 440 pounds and costs approximately $30 to $40 for the at-home model, notes ConsumerSearch.com. The professional models come with higher-capacity readouts, but they also have higher prices. The Siltec WS-1000L model has a capacity readout of up to 1,000 pounds with a larger standing platform and a price range of approximately $270 to $300.