What Does High Blood Pressure Feel Like?


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The majority of those suffering from high blood pressure have no symptoms at all; in those who do experience symptoms, a pounding feeling in the chest or head or a feeling of dizziness or being lightheaded may occur. Because most people are asymptomatic and don't feel any sort of irregularity or symptoms when experiencing high blood pressure, hypertension is sometimes referred to as a "silent killer," as claimed by the Texas Heart Institute.

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Blood spots in the eyes are another sign of high blood pressure, says the American Heart Association. These blood spots, which are known as subconjunctival hemorrhage, are related to blood pressure but not caused by it. Untreated high blood pressure can cause damage to the optic nerves in the eyes.

Facial flushing is also associated with high blood pressure, although not caused by it. When the blood pressure goes up, the blood vessels in the face dilate, as mentioned by the American Heart Association.

A hypertensive crisis, which is a serious medical emergency, is characterized by severe headaches, severe anxiety, nosebleeds and shortness of breath. Those experiencing these symptoms with a systolic pressure of 180 or greater or a diastolic reading of 110 or more should seek out immediate medical attention, as stated by the American Heart Association.

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