How Do You Hide Abdominal Hernias With a Binder Shirt?


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To hide an abdominal hernia using a binder shirt, simply wear the binder according to its instructions. If it is adjustable, fit the device to the point at which it feels supportive but comfortable, according to RehabMart.com.

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Since binders are designed to provide support and compression, they do most of the work, and the best candidates for this form of treatment are people who have smaller hernias with mild symptoms, according to Healthline. Larger or more severe hernias often require surgery to prevent serious complications. Patients recovering from hernia surgery should wear binders to aid in healing and preventing recurrent injuries, according to Georgia Regents University, which also suggests wearing a T-shirt underneath the binder if it feels itchy or irritating.

RehabMart.com suggests consulting with a doctor to help choose the right binder shirt. There are many options on the market, and some are designed for different uses, such as exercise support or helping pregnant women. Doctors may have specific recommendations for brands or a preferred style. Aside from shirts, some patients may find hernia belts and trusses more helpful. For those shopping on their own, reading the product descriptions in detail is important, and they should also read the sizing information carefully because many binders are non-returnable.

Patients usually need to hand wash and air-dry abdominal binders, according to RehabMart.com. Doing so helps them retain their elasticity for as long as possible, extending the life of the binder.

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