How Is a Hiatal Hernia Treated?

Surgery is the most common treatment for a hiatal hernia, according to WebMD. Often, no treatment is necessary if the hernia is not causing symptoms.

When a hernia causes immense pain, or other complications arise, surgery is often required to correct the problem. When surgery is needed, the procedure is typically done by putting the hernia back into placethrough a very small incision in the abdomen. While full recovery takes a few weeks, most patients are able to walk around and resume a normal diet as soon as they are released from the hospital. It is not uncommon for people who have had a hernia removed to experience another hernia sometime in the future.

On occasion, a hiatal hernia can cause other symptoms, such as acid reflux. When this occurs, a doctor can prescribe medication to reduce the symptoms.

A hernia is not usually a dangerous medical condition, but if the hernia loses blood supply for some reason, it should be removed. When this occurs, a person may experience symptoms such as stomach or chest pain. Only a doctor can diagnose a hernia and administer theproper treatment. Since each person's case varies, the treatment will also vary. If a person experiences severe pain, vomiting or is unable to pass gas, they should seek medical treatment.