What Are Some Hernia Treatments for Men?


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For hiatus hernias, treatment usually consists of dietary adjustments and the use of medications to manage heartburn symptoms. Canoe Health advises that steps should be taken to avoid placing pressure on the affected area, such as elevating the head during sleep and avoiding meals for several hours before bedtime. Inguinal and umbilical hernias are usually treated with surgery by repositioning the bulging mass and repairing the surrounding structure with stitches.

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According to Canoe Health, doctors also recommend that patients with hiatus hernias lose weight and stand straight as often as possible to relieve the pressure from the abdomen. Surgery is very rarely required to treat hiatus hernias because they are often manageable through lifestyle changes. In cases in which surgery is required to treat a hernia, patients may have the choice between invasive or laparoscopic repair. Laparoscopic surgery is known to result in shorter healing times and may help to ensure that the hernia does not break through again. Invasive open surgery has been simplified, and many patients are able to leave the hospital on the same day as the operation. Surgical patients must be careful not to aggravate the area while it is healing. Trusses were once recommended to hernia patients as a way to stabilize the abdomen, but doctors now consider this treatment to be very unsafe because it has the potential to exacerbate the condition.

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