What Is Hernia Surgery?


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Hernia surgery is the process of removing bulges that occur when organs protrude through holes or soft spots of the body, according to registered nurse Jennifer Heisler for About.com. The most common surgical spots for hernia surgery are the groin and abdomen areas.

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What Is Hernia Surgery?
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Hernia surgery is performed to avert organ damage. Hernias themselves can range from minor to potentially life-threatening if surgery is not considered. The recovery time for hernia surgery depends on the magnitude of the hernia, reports Heisler. Some procedures allow the patient to return home within the same day, but complex surgeries may require longer recovery time. For instance, incisional hernia surgery requires anywhere from two to four weeks of full recovery. The process is performed by a colon specialist or general surgeon, and it is necessary when there is a protrusion in the abdomen. Surgeons apply small incisions rather than traditional large ones.

Incisional hernia surgery calls for isolating the part pressing into the muscle, placing the hernia sac back into place and repairing the muscle damage, claims Heisler. Sutures are used to close the opening, and the sutures remain in place to prevent the problem from reoccurring. A mesh graft is usually applied for larger holes. Inguinal surgery applies the same methodology as incisional surgery, but this type of procedure is meant to heal patients who suffer from bulging intestines caused by a weak muscle in the groin area.

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