When Does a Hernia Require Surgery?

Hernia repair surgery is recommended if the hernia causes pain and inconvenience when doing regular daily activities, according to MedlinePlus. Strangulated hernia is a serious type of hernia that requires immediate surgery, states WebMD.

Some hernias may not cause problems, thus surgery is not required. However, most cases of hernias get worse, in terms of size, says MedlinePlus.

Incarcerated hernia is a condition where a loop of the intestine is trapped and swollen. If not treated, it eventually becomes a case of strangulated hernia, where the tissue becomes strongly entangled in the hernia and the blood supply is obstructed, states WebMD. This condition can be life-threatening, as it leads to serious bleeding, gangrene and septicemia. For incarcerated hernia, surgery may be scheduled at the patient’s convenience, while a patient with a strangulated hernia must undergo emergency surgery.