What Herbs Are Best for Treating Scabies?


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The best herbs for treating scabies include tea tree oil and olive, almond or sesame oil, according to Herbs2000.com. Comfrey root, made into a salve, and ointments made with goldenseal and colendula are also effective at treating scabies.

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Scabies, a communicable skin infection causing extreme itching, tenderness and swelling, can be treated by covering the infected area with concentrated tea tree oil twice daily, explains Herbs2000. This stops the infection and the mites that cause it. The herb balsam of Peru's anti-parasitic qualities are effective in eradicating mites and curing scabies. A salve of comfrey root can help symptoms when applied on the infected area three times daily.

Calendula salve, when applied on the affected area, can help heal and comfort the skin, notes Herbs2000. Goldenseal ointment is used to cure the infection caused by scabies. When mixed together and applied twice a day, these two herbal remedies yield better results than used individually.

Neem oil, a natural insecticide, can be rubbed on the infected area and over the entire body (for prevention of a further mite outbreak), states the Health Wyze Report. Neem soap can be used daily in the shower or bath for two weeks to kill the mites. Two weeks is the life cycle of the mite.

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