What Are Some Herbs That Relieve Arthritis Pain?


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A few herbal supplements for arthritis pain include capsaicin, turmeric, cat's claw, ginger and pine bark extract, as stated by the Arthritis Foundation. All of these remedies have at least some scientific research backing their effectiveness.

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What Are Some Herbs That Relieve Arthritis Pain?
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Cpasaicin may relieve osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia pain by reducing the pain transmitter substance P, according to the Arthritis Foundation. A study by Phytotherapy Research reveals a 50 percent pain reduction after three weeks of treatment. Turmeric includes a chemical called curcumin that blocks the action of inflammatory enzymes and cytokines, reducing pain and swelling. It works best when used for osteoarthritis, but it may also relieve rheumatoid arthritis symptoms. Cat's claw reduces inflammation in rheumatoid arthritis patients by inhibiting tumor necrosis factor. A 2002 study revealed that cat's claw reduces pain and inflammation by 50 percent. Arthritis patients should avoid cat's claw supplements with tetra-cyclic oxindole alkaloids.

Ginger's anti-inflammatory properties have effects similar to those of ibuprofen may relieve rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis symptoms, according to the Arthritis Foundation. Studies support ginger's effectiveness for osteoarthritis knee pain when taken four times daily. Although pine bark extract is not as supported by research as the previously mentioned herbs, it has some promise in relieving osteoarthritis

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