Which Herbs Can Be Used for Treating Cervical Dystonia?


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No herbs are used to treat cervical dystonia, explains Mayo Clinic. Typical treatments include medications and physical therapy, as well as procedures such as Botox injections and deep-brain stimulation. Though there is no cure for the condition, these treatments may reduce symptoms and pain.

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Pain medications and muscle relaxants such as lorazepam and baclofen are often used to relieve pain associated with cervical dystonia, notes Mayo Clinic. Parkinson's drugs such as levodopa and procyclidine may also help, states WebMD.

Botox injections paralyze the affect muscles, leading to relief, according to Mayo Clinic. Cutting the neck muscles and nerves is a rare procedure performed if Botox injections are ineffective.

Deep-brain stimulation is an uncommon surgical procedure that involves placing an electrode in the brain, explains WebMD. The electrode sends out programmed electrical pulses to interrupt nerve activity. A doctor uses an external device to adjust the strength and frequency of the electrical pulses, depending on the patient's needs.

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