What Are Some Herbs That Can Treat Inflammation?


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Herbs that may treat inflammation include turmeric and ginger, according to About.com. A study from 2007 shows that turmeric may help reduce inflammation, and a 2005 study shows that ginger may help reduce inflammation better than an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory.

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Devil's claw root may also help reduce inflammation, and it helps ease the pain of arthritis and pain in the lower back, explains WebMD. To achieve the benefits, the individual must get between 30 and 100 milligrams of this herb each day, but it might cause a mild stomachache in some individuals. Another way to naturally reduce inflammation is to use capsaicin, which comes from chili peppers. Skin creams containing capsaicin can soothe pain in the back, and supplement pills may help with cramps and diarrhea.

Comfrey is another herb that may help reduce inflammation, and those who have back pain may use skin cream with comfrey extract to help, states WebMD. Doctors recommend that people use comfrey three times a day, but it may harm the liver if the individual takes it by mouth. People may also use glucosamine and chondroitin, which help reduce joint pain and help with movement. Many people mix glucosamine with aspirin to further reduce pain. Doctors recommend that people use these treatments for a minimum of four months to see an improvement.

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