What Herbs Can Help Improve Blood Circulation?

Ginger, horse chestnut, ginkgo and a number of other natural herbs are known to have properties that improve circulation of blood throughout the body. Research indicates that these herbs help dilate blood vessels, allowing blood to flow better, according to Living Green Magazine.

One of the oldest and best-known circulation boosting herbs is ginger, as stated by WebMD. Stories have been documented of Revolutionary War soldiers using ginger to help warm cold hands and feet, a direct impact of improved circulation.

Another example is horse chestnut. Seeds from horse chestnut can be used to create an extract to treat a condition known as chronic venous insufficiency, notes WebMD. It is also useful in treating varicose veins, hemorrhoids and swollen veins.

Ginkgo has been identified as a powerful herb for poor circulation problems by opening vessels and allowing blood to move more freely around the body. Individuals should check with their doctor before beginning any therapy with alternative herbs, according to Living Green and WebMD.