What Are Some Herbal Treatments for a Ganglion Cyst?


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Herbal treatments for a ganglion cyst include turmeric, aloe vera, ginger, frankincense oil and bromelain, according to Search Herbal Remedy. Others include arnica and apple cider vinegar. Hazel, white oak bark, echinacea and licorice may also treat a ganglion cyst, reports Live and Feel. There is, however, no reliable medical information on this topic by any standard medical practitioner.

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Turmeric is a natural anti-inflammatory. Applying a mixture of turmeric powder and water on the cyst relieves pain, inflammation and swelling. A mixture of turmeric and sesame oil may also provide relief. Applying aloe vera oil on the affected area eases pain. Daily intake of aloe vera juice also alleviates the symptoms of ganglion cysts. Drinking a blend of fresh ginger juice and sesame oil may give relief. Applying a mix of ginger and basil oil to the cyst may ease the symptoms, notes Search Herbal Remedy.

Frankincense essential oil when applied twice a day may gradually reduce the size of the cyst, states Live and Feel. Patients should use the oil under supervision by a doctor, and pregnant women and nursing mothers should avoid it, cautions Search Herbal Remedy. Daily consumption of 250 milligrams of bromelain several times a day eases the cysts. Regular application of arnica oil or a mix of arnica and St. John’s wort oil to the affected area may yield desirable results. Treatment with apple cider vinegar involves applying its mixture with water or a paste of apple cider, turmeric powder, warm water and baking soda on the cyst.

Covering the cyst with soaked hazel or white oak back may reduce the size of the cyst. Licorice helps to remove fluid from the cyst and also prevents cyst recurrence, observes Live and Feel.

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