What are some herbal remedies to help curb alcohol cravings?


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Herbal remedies to help curb alcohol cravings include consuming vitamin B-12, vitamin C and amino acids, especially l-glutamine. Acupuncture and regular exercise also help in curbing alcohol cravings, according to Earth Clinic.

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Natural remedies curb alcohol cravings by supplementing nutritional deficiencies. Vitamins B-12 restores normal kidney function. This eases alcohol cravings. Vitamin C reduces alcohol cravings by regulating activities of opiate receptors present in the brain. Acupuncture relieves anxiety and body pain through the release of endorphins, states Earth Clinic.

Alcohol cravings are a result of a biochemical disorder and an increase in these cravings leads to alcoholism. About 18 million Americans suffer from alcoholism. Daily consumption of multivitamins and minerals reduces alcohol cravings by compensating for the loss of nutrients caused by drinking alcohol. Magnesium, zinc and calcium supplements also help curb these cravings, says Dr. Whitaker.

Alcohol cravings are predictable and controllable. By practicing self-control, a person learns to manage the urge to drink alcohol. Triggers that increase the urge to drink include external factors such as peer pressure and internal factors such as frustration and nervousness, according to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism.

Excessive alcohol consumption causes alcoholic hepatitis and dementia. Alcohol withdrawal symptoms include anxiety, nervousness, tremors and nausea, states Healthline.

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