Are There Any Herbal Cures for an Eye Stye?


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A stye is treated at home by applying a warm compress for 15 minutes, four to six times a day, over closed eyelids. It also helps to gently scrub the closed eyelid with tap water or a nonirritating soap, according to eMedicineHealth.

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Most styes disappear on their own within five to seven days, but these two methods help the stye drain more quickly, according to eMedicineHealth. When carrying out these home remedies, it is important to not to squeeze or puncture the stye, as it is filled with bacteria, and releasing the pus may result in a more serious infection.

Makeup, creams and lotions need to be discontinued at this point, as they often are the cause of the stye and may be contaminated, explains eMedicineHealth. Contact lenses must be avoided until the infection clears, as they can facilitate the movement of infection from the eyelid to cornea. If a stye seems more serious, an ophthalmologist may recommend topical antibiotics, and occasionally oral antibiotics are prescribed to people who have persistent or frequent stye infections.

Good hand-and-face hygiene must be used to prevent future occurrences, notes eMedicineHealth. Some studies also suggest that oral flaxseed supplementation helps prevent styes in future.

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