What Are Hepatitis C Symptoms in Women?


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Women with hepatitis C often experience nausea, fatigue, fever, yellowing of the skin, and joint or muscular pain, according to Healthline. Additional symptoms of hepatitis C may include loss of appetite, diarrhea, stomach pain, itchy skin and dark yellow urine.

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What Are Hepatitis C Symptoms in Women?
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Hepatitis C infection can sometimes cause cirrhosis of the liver, as reported by WebMD. Symptoms may include swelling of the feet, legs and belly, shrinking of the muscles, redness on the palms of the hands, and damage to the nervous system and brain. Damage from a hepatitis C infection can cause patients to experience concentration and memory problems, in addition to confusion.

People infected with hepatitis C may not show signs or symptoms right away, according to WebMD. In fact, symptoms of hepatitis C may not appear for two weeks to six months after an individual is infected. The virus can be spread immediately upon infection, even if symptoms are not present.

Patients with hepatitis C may also contract cryoglobulinemia, which causes inflammation of vessels within the tissues of the body, as stated by WebMD. Symptoms of cryoglobulinemia include nerve pain, weakness, joint swelling or pain and a raised, purple skin rash that appears in the lower part of the legs.

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