How Do You Get Hepatitis?


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The method of contracting hepatitis is dependent on the type of hepatitis, according to WebMD. Hepatitis A and E are contracted from contaminated food or water; hepatitis B through sex, blood or needles; hepatitis C through blood and needles and hepatitis D from sex or mother to child during birth.

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How Do You Get Hepatitis?
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Hepatitis A and E are often the result of food or water contaminated with traces of feces, according to WebMD, but hepatitis E is much less common in the United States than hepatitis A. Hepatitis B spreads easily through sex, blood transfusions or sharing contaminated needles. Advancements in screening has slowed the spread of hepatitis C since 1992, but it can still be spread through contaminated tattoo needles or blood transfusions. Hepatitis D is only spread from a person with hepatitis B, but it is especially dangerous because two viruses are involved.

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