Do Hemorrhoids Go Away?


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Hemorrhoids usually clear up with basic home treatment, such as switching to a diet high in fluids and fiber, notes the American Society of Colon & Rectal Surgeons. If the symptoms are not severe, individuals can promote healing by bathing in warm water and avoiding strain during bowel movements.

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Hemorrhoids are an inflammatory condition that causes veins in the anus or rectum to swell, which may lead to pain, itching or bleeding, according to Mayo Clinic. In severe cases, a person may suffer from blood clots or chronic blood loss or a hemorrhoid can become strangulated when blood flow is blocked.

When complications arise, physicians may remove or shrink hemorrhoids manually using treatments, such as ligation, to relieve symptoms, states the ASCRS. Ligation involves using a rubber band to stop blood flow, eventually causing the hemorrhoid to fall off.

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