How Do You Find the Best Hemorrhoid Cream?

Hemorrhoid creams provide short-term relief by reducing pain, burning and itching, according to Healthgrades. When choosing an effective hemorrhoid cream, identify one that contains an active ingredient known to treat the most troublesome symptom, such as pain or itching, or choose a combination cream that treats a number of symptoms.

Creams with an active ingredient such as zinc oxide or mineral oil prevent drying, while creams with hydrocortisone reduce itching, states Healthgrades. Hemorrhoidal ointments that contain benzocaine or pramoxine act as a local anesthetic and numb the nerves, providing temporary pain relief. Combination creams have a variety of active ingredients that work together to reduce itching, burning, swelling and pain.

Most medical professionals consider diet to be the best treatment for hemorrhoids, explains WebMD. A diet high in fiber and low in processed foods reduces constipation and irritation. Ensuring six to eight, 8-ounce glasses of fluid are consumed each day is critical. In addition, excess salt leads to fluid retention, which results in swelling in the veins, including hemorrhoids.

In most cases, once a hemorrhoid develops, it does not go away without a medical procedure, notes WebMD. These procedures include banding, injection, surgery, cauterization or coagulation. Medical procedures effectively eliminate hemorrhoids, but unless dietary changes are made, they can reoccur.