Is a Hemorrhagic Cyst Cancerous?

A hemorrhagic cyst is not usually cancerous, but it is usually quite painful, according to Dr. Lackore of VBGYN. These cysts may require surgical removal if the pain is too severe and if the cyst does not resolve on its own.

Most doctors will recommend that the hemorrhagic cyst be left alone but monitored over a period of eight weeks and if the cyst has not resolved itself or the patient is still experiencing severe pain, then surgery will be recommended, reports Dr. Lackore of VBGYN.

A hemorrhagic cyst involves bleeding and this tends to be what causes the most pain for the patient. With this type of cyst, the cyst has ruptured already and there is an excess of blood found in the pelvic region.

Most of the time when a hemorrhagic cyst is cancerous, it has a solid hard mass that can be felt from the outside of the body. If any type of cyst is accompanied by a mass then it is recommended that additional tests be performed to rule out all possibilities of cancer, according to Dr. Lacklore of VBGYN.

When it comes to cancerous cysts, it is not known what specifically causes the ovarian cancer. Studies have shown, however, that there are risk factors for ovarian cancer including smoking, obesity, women who have already finished menopause, hormone replacement therapy, fertility drugs and a family history of ovarian cancer.