How Do You Get Your Hemoglobin Count Up?


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In order to increase a person's hemoglobin count, it is important to increase iron intake as part of a well-balanced diet and to avoid foods that hinder iron absorption, states the Stanford Blood Center. Meats provide good sources of heme iron, which is easily absorbed by the body.

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Good sources of heme iron include beef, chicken, tuna, pork and shrimp, according to Stanford Blood Center. Non-heme foods boost iron levels as well, but need pairing with sources of Vitamin C to increase absorption. Non-heme foods include beans, nuts, potatoes, avocado, raisins, whole wheats, dates and dried apricots. By eating non-heme foods in the same meal as Vitamin C rich foods such as citrus fruits, strawberries, broccoli, kiwi, bell pepper and tomato, the iron in these plant sources absorbs more easily into the body.

If it is difficult to increase iron in meals because food allergies or sensitivities, so iron supplements are available without a prescription. Some foods, such as certain breads, are enriched with iron. Another alternative includes preparing meals in iron cookware, which increases the iron content in meals. When increasing iron intake, it is important to avoid foods and supplements that prevent the absorption of iron, such as coffee, tea, sodas, beer, wine, dairy products, high fiber foods and calcium supplements.

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