What Is a Hemangioma Treatment?


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Corticosteroid medications or laser surgery are treatment options for hemangiomas, according to Mayo Clinic. However, doctors suggest that time is the best remedy for healing.

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Mayo Clinic reports that most hemangiomas disappear by age 10, so no treatments are technically necessary. However, some parents want to treat them earlier to avoid possible cosmetic or psychological issues in their children. If the bright red nodule interferes with vision or breathing, early removal is recommended. Corticosteroids are injected into the nodule of a skin area with a hemangioma, but there are numerous side effects to consider, including diminished growth, elevated blood sugar, high blood pressure and cataracts. Laser surgery can halt the growth of hemangiomas, or remove them entirely. However, side effects include pain, changes in skin color, bleeding, scarring and infection.

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