What Helps With Recovery From Hernia Surgery?


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The most important factor in a quick recovery after hernia surgery is following doctor's orders and take medication prescribed by the surgeon who repaired the hernia. Recovery from hernia repair can be lengthy, as noted by Hernia Solutions. It is vital a patient not rush the process.

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What Helps With Recovery From Hernia Surgery?
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On average, recovery from hernia surgery is one to six weeks, and surgery is generally an outpatient procedure. Discharge orders should be followed carefully by the patient. Whether a hernia was repaired with laparoscopic surgery or through open surgery, many of the recommendations for a full recovery are the same, including avoidance of heavy lifting, not carrying anything heavier than 2 pounds and no bending over to pick up or lift an object. Any strenuous pushing or pulling, such as opening heavy doors, is not recommended immediately following surgery.

Engaging in walking as soon as possible after surgery is recommended by Rhode Island Hospital. Walking helps blood circulate and relieves stiffness. All incisions sites must be kept clean, dry and covered with a fresh bandage to prevent infection.

Eating a high-fiber diet and drinking plenty of water during the recovery time are recommended to avoid constipation, which can lead to abdominal strain, explains Covidien, Patients should not exercise beyond light walking or engage in sexual activities until a doctor has given permission.

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