What Helps Nausea?


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Nausea can be alleviated by home remedies, such as ginger and peppermint, or by over-the-counter or prescription medication. Those suffering from nausea should avoid consuming spicy, fried, greasy and sweet foods to prevent symptoms from worsening. It is also important to stay well-hydrated, especially if vomiting.

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Nausea can be caused by pregnancy, chemotherapy, a digestive condition, or a viral or bacterial infection. Individuals experiencing nausea may find that peppermints or peppermint tea provide them with some relief. Tea, candy or soda made with real ginger may also help relieve nausea. In some instances, acupressure seasickness bands may also provide some relief.

While nausea alone is not physically harmful, ongoing vomiting can be hard on the digestive system. Individuals who are vomiting should be careful to stay hydrated, as dehydration can worsen the physical symptoms of many illnesses and is quite dangerous.

If nausea is ongoing or persistent, an over-the-counter stomach remedy may be helpful. Individuals who have been diagnosed with an illness or medical condition and are experiencing ongoing nausea may be able to obtain a prescription for anti-nausea medication from their physician. These medications reduce the symptoms of nausea. However, they may also have side effects and should be used with caution, especially during pregnancy.

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