What Helps With Bloating?

What Helps With Bloating?

Drinking plenty of water and consuming less soda helps with bloating, according to WebMD. Charcoal tablets, antacids and food enzymes are other alternatives that dispel gas discomforts.

Products that contain simethicone deal with bloating symptoms, according to Wikipedia. Simethicone is an anti-foaming solution that patients take orally, and it allows the body to get rid of gas more quickly. This agent deals with a wide variety of abdominal issues, such as abdominal pain and excess gas from swallowing air.

Charcoal tablets help by reducing gas odor, explains WebMD. Patients should take these tablets after eating or when the bloating occurs. Antacids help by allowing the body to expel more of the gas, but it does not get rid of the gas that is already present. Patients can sprinkle food enzymes on foods that cause gas.

Patients should avoid foods that contain too much sorbitol or fructose, claims MedlinePlus. Patients also need to avoid consumption of vegetables in the form of beans, lentils, cabbage, turnips and Brussels sprouts. Other foods, such as dairy products and certain carb-based foods, may cause abdominal discomfort. Slowing down when eating is another good way to alleviate and prevent bloating.

Eating smaller meals instead of large ones quells gas and other stomach problems, reports WebMD. Practicing breathing exercises and managing stress is important because many people swallow extra air when under stressful circumstances.