What Helps Arthritis in the Hands With Knots in the Knuckles?


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Anti-inflammatory medications, joint supplements, cortisone injections and therapy are all treatments for arthritis with knots in the hands, states About.com. Other treatments for arthritis with knots include splints and alternating ice and heat.

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Anti-inflammatory medications are good for arthritis with knots as it helps ease pain and inflammation, claims About.com. Joint supplements, such as chondroitin and glucosamine, are supplements that help ease the effects of arthritis. In addition, they also help build up cartilage, important when treating arthritis. Cortisone shots are commonly used for arthritis with knots in the hands, and they are placed directly into the joint.

Doctors also recommend occupational therapy for those with arthritis and knots in the hand, according to About.com. This therapy is good for maintaining motion in the hand and stopping the stiffening of joints in the hand. Joint stiffness may also be eased when a patient uses heat and ice treatments. This helps to improve the range of motion a patient experiences. Splinting may be an option for individuals with arthritis in the hand as it helps to rest the joints. Splinting the hand is recommended for limited amounts of time as it brings pain relief without giving the joint the opportunity to stiffen.

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