Why Is It Helpful to Use a Log Book for Diabetics?


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A log book for diabetics is useful as it lets them track their progress, evaluate the efficacy of medication, and eliminate activities that raise the risk of sugar spikes, says Diabetes Forecast. Log books help keep diabetes under control by facilitating data collection, says the Diabetes Teaching Center at the University of California, San Francisco.

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A log book serves as a monitoring tool that helps a diabetic understand the impact of various activities on his blood glucose to make adjustments such as choosing foods that lower glucose levels in the body and maintaining a healthy weight. Accurate tracking the use of diabetes medications helps determine their efficacy and reminds the patient to take appropriate dosages. A physician uses the information in a log book to recommend alternative medication in case prescribed drugs are ineffective, notes Diabetes Forecast.

Regular glucose readings let diabetics stay within a healthy range and inform the physician about medications that work best for a patient. Through immediate feedback from a log book, a diabetic stays safe and understands the impact of his condition on essential activities such as driving. Early management of diabetes with a log book lowers the risk of blindness and kidney disease, cautions Healthline.

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