What Are Some Helpful Tips for Meditating?


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Beginners are often most successful when they meditate for short period of time, such as three to five minutes, or by focusing on a specific number of breaths, such as taking three mindful, deep breaths. While meditating, focus on breathing and posture. Another option is to meditate while walking. Perform the walking meditation by focusing on different aspects of the environment and the motion of the body for five minutes, followed by five minutes of open awareness.

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Open awareness is a process of noticing things in the environment as they occur, without focusing on a single sensation, object or person. Another option is to begin meditating by counting breaths up to four. After the fourth breath, begin counting at one again. Restart the counting process as needed. Using natural breaths, rather than regulated breaths, is acceptable.

Silence is ideal for meditation, but guided meditation soundtracks are an option. Choose a comfortable place to meditate, and sit in a position that allows stillness for 10 minutes or longer.

To increase mindfulness, sit with a straight spine on the floor or in a chair. Imagine the top of the head touching the sky to maintain proper posture. Allow your eyes to remain open, but gaze downward to prevent environmental distractions if necessary.

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