What Are Some Helpful Tips for Falling Asleep Fast?


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Some helpful tips for falling asleep fast are keeping a consistent sleep schedule even on days off, avoiding stimulants in the latter part of the day, establishing a regular bedtime routine and associating the bed with sleep by avoiding other activities such as watching television or reading, recommends the National Sleep Foundation. Other important steps include avoiding large meals near bedtime, creating a comfortable sleeping environment, exercising regularly, exposure to natural light during the day and avoiding napping.

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Symptoms such as difficulty falling asleep and daytime sleepiness are indicators of a poor sleep routine and a need to revise one's sleeping habits, says the National Sleep Foundation. People who have difficulty falling asleep may need fewer hours of sleep while those who suffer from daytime sleepiness may need more sleep at night. It is important to avoid napping during the day, as it is disruptive to the body's sleep cycle and can prolong sleep problems rather than solve them. To prepare for a good night's sleep, people should give themselves time to unwind and let go of stress, avoid alcohol and nicotine late in the day, and make sure their bedrooms are quiet, dark and kept at a comfortable temperature.

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