What Are Some Helpful Methods to Quit Drinking Alcohol?


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Lifestyle changes, such as planning new activities rather than drinking, and keeping alcohol out the home help some people quit drinking alcohol, as does seeking help from others, notes MedlinePlus. People with more serious alcohol problems may benefit from drugs prescribed by their doctors, advises Mayo Clinic.

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People who stop drinking alcohol benefit from first thinking about the pros and cons of drinking, making small changes and planning what to do in situations where they would normally consume alcohol, states MedlinePlus. They also benefit from staying away from people they normally drink with and having a plan in mind for how to turn down offers of alcohol. Recovery programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous help people quit drinking, and those who wish to stop can also seek out supportive friends and family members or get counseling from mental health professionals.

Doctors may prescribe the drug disulfiram for those with alcohol problems, as it makes them physically ill when combined with alcohol, notes Mayo Clinic. Naltrexone may prevent heavy drinking and the urge to drink, as it blocks the good feelings that people seek from alcohol. Doctors prescribe naltrexone for oral use or as a monthly injection. People who have stopped drinking may take acamprosate to fight alcohol cravings. Those with serious alcohol problems who are unable to quit on their own can seek help through residential treatment programs.

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