How Helpful Is L-Lysine for Hair Loss?


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Although L-lysine is helpful in the treatment of hair loss, excessive intake may have the opposite effect, according to PubMed. A daily dosage of 1 to 3 grams is recommended, states Drugs.com.

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In addition to L-lysine, eliminating scaling problems to manage hair loss is recommended, explains PubMed. Iron therapy is also an effective form of treatment. Contrary to the popular view, low serum zinc concentrations are not related to hair loss.

L-lysine is also a possibly effective form of treatment for cold sores, states WebMD. Additionally, the amino acid may help with canker sores, diabetes, stress and athletic performance. There may be side effects such as kidney diseases, osteoporosis and stomach cramps in children who are intolerant to lysinuric protein. Pregnant and breast-feeding patients should avoid L-lysine altogether as there is not enough research to prove its safety in such cases.

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