What Are Some Helpful Exercises for Weak Knees?


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The most helpful knee exercises for weak knees are modified, or partial, squats; hamstring curls; knee extensions; and single-leg dips. Other exercises that come in handy are step ups, side lying leg lifts, inner thigh leg lifts and swimming, as Gaiam Life reports.

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What Are Some Helpful Exercises for Weak Knees?
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The best knee exercises for week knees help to strengthen muscles around the joint while protecting the individual from injury by decreasing stress on the knee. These exercises also improve the mobility of the muscles such as the quadriceps and calves that surround the knee, according to ACTIVE.

To perform modified squats, individuals should stand in front of a chair with feet hip-width apart and toes pointing out slightly, which distributes the body's weight evenly. Individuals then folds their arms over their chests before lowering themselves gently as if performing a squat, as ACTIVE explains. They should then maintain this position for several seconds before standing. The procedure should be repeated several times to achieve the maximum effect.

Before beginning any knee exercises, warm-ups are crucial to prepare the body mentally and psychologically. However, before carrying out any exercise for strengthening week knees, individuals should seek out a doctor's advice to understand the whole process and how to do it safely, according to Gaiam Life.

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