How Do You Find a Height and Weight Chart Based on Age?


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The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offers growth charts for children up to age 19 on its official website. The CDC offers two growth charts, including a World Health Organization chart for children up to age 2 and a CDC-created chart for children ages 2 and up.

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How Do You Find a Height and Weight Chart Based on Age?
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The charts available on the CDC’s website are based on statistical distribution in 2006 for children in six different countries, including the United States. The charts show average growth in these countries among children living in environments where optimal growth is possible.

The WHO chart is useful for establishing standards of growth among infants and children up to 2 years of age in the United States. The chart is based on children who are breastfed for at least four months and who were still breastfeeding at the 12-month marker. The chart is useful for clinicians in understanding the growth of infants and charting growth progress. The CDC’s chart for children ages 2 and up can help to gauge childhood growth and development up to age 19.

In addition, the CDC website also offers an online training course to help healthcare providers and others understand the use of the charts it offers and how to assess children’s growth under the chart’s standards.

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