How Do You Do a Heel Stretch?


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A heel stretch is a common cheerleading move executed by raising one leg up in front of the body, grabbing it in the hand on the same side, and raising it above the head. The move is often used during sporting events or to add variety during competitions.

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Before attempting a heel stretch during a game or competition, practice with the aid of other team members or a coach. Begin by stretching the leg in a sitting position. Extend one leg out in front of the body, while pulling the other leg out to the side. Once this feels comfortable and natural, transition into a full split. This works the hip muscles necessary to support the heel stretch and aids in general flexibility.

Move on to a supine leg stretch to become familiar with the upward bend of the heel stretch. Lie on the ground with the legs extended outward, then raise one leg upwards, keeping the other bent. Slowly pull the extended leg up towards the head, paying close attention to any pain or discomfort. With time, this stretch becomes easier as the body grows more accustomed to the move.

Finally, practice raising the leg up while standing. Swing the leg up first, then grab it and pull it up the rest of the way.

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