What Is the Heaviest Bench Press?

heaviest-bench-press Credit: Eduardo Leite/E+/Getty Images

The heaviest weight ever bench pressed is 1,075 pounds by Ryan Kennelly in November 2008, according to Strongest Man. Kennelly holds the official World Powerlifting Organization's record and was the first man to exceed an 800-pound bench press.

The previous record holder was Gene Rychlak Jr., who bench pressed 1,010 pounds in 2006. Top End Sports reveals the heaviest "raw" bench press, without the aid of bench press shirts, is 715 pounds. Guinness World Records explains Irishman Eamonn Keane holds two bench press records, one for the most weight bench pressed in one minute at 15,344 pounds in 2012, and one for the most weight done in one hour at 305,300 pounds in 2003.