Do Heart Murmurs in Babies Require Surgery to Correct?


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In babies, surgery may be necessary if it is an abnormal heart murmur that is causing a serious symptom like breathing problems due to lung congestion, relates KidsHealth. In this case, surgery may be needed in the first year of life.

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A heart murmur is a sound that the heart makes. Children can be born with a heart murmur, and others may develop one due to medical conditions like hyperthyroidism and a fever, reports the Mayo Clinic. These murmurs are generally normal and may not require targeted treatment. However, they will go away when the underlying condition is treated.

Abnormal heart murmurs that are associated with a congenital heart defect can require medicines or surgery depending on the severity of the symptoms and the specific heart defect, explains the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute. Some heart defects that may cause an abnormal heart murmur are a hole in the heart chambers or a heart vale defect, specifies the Mayo Clinic. These heart problems will require either surgery or catheterization.

However, depending on the heart defect that is causing the murmur, some abnormal heart murmurs also may be treated with medications like digoxin, statin and beta blockers, relates the Mayo Clinic.

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