What Does a Heart Attack Feel Like?


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According to WebMD, a heart attack in men may feel like uncomfortable chest pressure or pain, and it may be sporadic. A heart attack may also lead to feelings of discomfort in the neck, arms, stomach, jaw and back. Women may also feel chest pain, but they are more likely to feel extreme fatigue, dizziness and abdominal distress. Everyday Health explains that no two heart attacks feel exactly the same.

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Everyday Health notes that people who have experienced heart attacks said that the feeling is different from anything they had experienced. Some men liken the experience to an elephant on their chests, while women are more likely to report breathing problems, tiredness, and pain the jaw, arms and neck. WebMD says that people who suspect they are having a heart attack should call 911 within five minutes. While they wait for emergency services, they should chew and swallow an aspirin. Chewing gets the medicine into the bloodstream quicker. They should cease all activity, be still and calm.

WebMD says that heart attacks happen when blood access to the heart decreases or is shut off, frequently due to clots impeding an artery. Heart muscle can die after being denied oxygen for some time. Restoration of blood flow should begin within one hour after symptoms present themselves. Survival rates increase the quicker people get treatment.

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