What Are Some Hearing Aids That Are Highly Rated by Consumers?

Hearing aids that are highly rated by consumers include those from Miracle-Ear, Zounds and Oticon, all receiving a consumer rating of 3 out of five stars or higher, reports ConsumerAffairs. Miracle-Ear and Zounds receive ratings over four out of five stars, as of 2015. Miracle-Ear ranks highly due to the ready access to over 1,200 locations and a standard three-year warranty on its products.

Hearing aids with notable features typically rank highly, explains Consumer Reports. These features include digital noise reduction, a low-battery indicator, wax guard, automatic volume control, vents and manual volume control.

Purchasers of Miracle-Ear hearing aids praise the availability of programmable features and note the value of buying from a recognizable brand name with 65 years of experience, according to ConsumerAffairs. Positive in-store experiences and user-friendliness also appear on positive consumer reports. However, some consumers report unnecessary up-selling from Miracle-Ear sales representatives.

Zounds offers four different hearing aid models, as of October 2015, and the company receives just under a five-star rating from over 170 reviews, notes ConsumerAffairs. Beltone ranks as a well-known and large distributor of hearing aids, however, the company receives only a 1.5 star rating from consumers. Oticon ranks as a global distributor of hearing aids, receiving a three-star rating from consumers and offering hearing aids for all ages.