How Do You Get a Hearing Aid Repaired?


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When repairing a hearing aid the basics should be undertaken first, states Hearings Solutions. Ear wax should be cleaned out and the batteries and wax filter replaced. In addition, the input settings should be checked. If these tasks fail to make the hearing aid work, it may be necessary to have the hearing aid professionally repaired or replaced.

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Build up of ear wax is the biggest reason why hearing aids need repair, notes Healthy Hearing. The natural excretion of ear wax can clog the hearing aid and potentially require a professional cleaning. Dust, debris and dropping the hearing aid are also causes for repair.

Clean ear wax off the hearing aid with a small brush and/or soft cloth, suggest Starkey Hearing Technologies. Make sure the batteries are working and wipe the battery contacts with a cotton swab. Change the filter if dirty. Hearing aids have a life expectancy of five to seven years, and if the damage is visible or the hearing aid has been stepped on, it most likely will require replacement. However, some hearing aids cannot be repaired. The best way to avoid professional repair or replacement is to keep your hearing aid clean and ensuring it has no contact with water.

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