What Are Some Healthy Ways to Improve Your Appetite?


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Healthy tips for increasing appetite include stocking up on favorite foods, eating snacks instead of meals and eating foods that are energy-rich. Other tips are to season foods, set a nice table and drink liquid meals, according to About.com.

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Keeping a good selection of favorite foods around can help with appetite because delicious options are readily available, eliminating the need to think about what to eat. Eating small snacks throughout the day keeps a person fueled when big meals seem like too much, says About.com. Selected snacks shouldn't upset the stomach. Healthy foods that are high in calories provide a large amount of energy in small portions. Examples of energy-dense foods include cheese, nut butters and bread products.

Giving foods extra flavor helps tempt the taste buds. Spicy sauces, such as Tabasco or Sriracha, are good options, states About.com. Various herbs and spices provide a milder flavor. Using beautiful place settings and lighting candles to create a pleasant atmosphere can make eating meals more enjoyable. Liquid meals, such as fruit smoothies and green juices, are a great option when eating feels unappetizing.

Another tip is to change the texture of the food. If a chewing problem is contributing to decreased appetite, chopping or pureeing foods can help, notes About.com.

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