What Are Some Healthy Tips by ChooseMyPlate?


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Drink plenty of liquids, read nutrition labels, practice food safety, ensure the protein is lean, and substitute spices such as nutmeg and cinnamon for salt encompass some of the tips suggested by ChooseMyPlate. Breaking exercise into 10-minute segments and choosing the stairs over elevators or escalators are also suggestions.

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Switch a high-calorie drink for water or another low-fat and sugar-free drink to save calories. When baking, reduce the sugar to half the recommended amounts, and when cooking, substitute unsweetened applesauce or bananas for butter and low-fat milk for heavy whipping cream. When possible, purchase whole-grain products. Eat the foods you desire, but eat them in moderation. Cover half of the plate with fruits and vegetables.

If still in school, consider an active class, such as swimming, for elective credits. Join an intramural team or the office sports team to work socialization and exercise into your schedule. Use the buddy system, and plan to do exercise with a friend to encourage accountability. Perform strength training twice a week through exercises including push-ups, weights, resistance bands and heavy gardening. If you have extra time on your lunch break, go for a brisk walk before returning to work.

Practice food safety by keeping cold foods cold with ice packs and hot liquids hot with a thermos. Wash your hands and any surfaces used to prepare foods before and after cooking. Divide snacks from a big bag into individualized bags to prevent germs from spreading.

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