What Are Some Healthy Sugar-Free Snacks?


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The best source for sugar-free snacks are vegetables, protein-rich foods and grains. It is important to note that there is a difference between foods that are sugar free and foods with no added sugar. Foods labeled "sugar-free" usually contain artificial sugars, while natural foods like fruit contain sugar that is not processed.

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What Are Some Healthy Sugar-Free Snacks?
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For a snack that is free of natural, added or artificial sugar, try bread-free ham rolls. Place green peppers, cheese and tomatoes inside a slice of ham. Roll tightly, and enjoy.

To get a boost of protein without the sugar, add pistachios, almonds or pecans to your diet. Be sure to check the labels, as some brands of nuts contain honey, syrup and other sugars. You can also create your own trail mix with a variety of different nuts and seeds. Pre-made trail mix sometimes contains candy or pre-dried fruit, which would add sugar to your snack.

Popcorn is also another healthy sugar-free snack. Buy microwavable or stove top popcorn, but avoid flavors that are higher in fat or sodium. To have more control over the content of your healthy snack, opt for stove top varieties. Cook with olive oil, and add salt, red pepper or oregano to enhance flavor.

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