What Are Healthy Respiratory CO2 Levels?


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A blood pH level between 7.35 and 7.45 is a sign of healthy respiratory carbon dioxide levels, says Healthline. If the pH falls beneath this, the patient may be suffering from respiratory acidosis.

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Respiratory acidosis happens because the lungs are not exhaling enough carbon dioxide, and the blood and other bodily fluids are becoming acidic, says Healthline. The condition can be acute or chronic. The acute form of respiratory acidosis is considered a medical emergency, while the chronic form develops slowly. The body may actually become acclimated to it, and the patient may not have symptoms.

However, if there are symptoms, they include headache, blurred vision, mental confusion and anxiety if the respiratory acidosis is acute, says Healthline. This can lead to delirium and coma. Chronic respiratory acidosis causes memory problems, insomnia and changes in personality.

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