What Is the My Healthy Pursuits Wellness Program?

What Is the My Healthy Pursuits Wellness Program?

The My Healthy Pursuits wellness program is a collection of benefits and wellness programs put out by companies to promote a healthier lifestyle. The Walt Disney Company offers a Healthy Pursuits program combined with a rewards incentive.

My Healthy Pursuits wellness programs are based on the philosophy that small changes in people's lifestyles can lead to big improvements in their health. For instance, choosing to take the stairs instead of an elevator leads to people easily getting more exercise. Companies set up their individualized programs through the My Healthy Pursuits website.

The Walt Disney Company's Healthy Pursuits combines the wellness program with one based on rewards. Employees start with a personal health assessment through the company's health insurance. The assessment gives members information about health risks and how they can improve their lifestyle choices.

Next, Disney employees undergo a biometric screening. These screenings measure their blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose level and body mass index. As of 2015, employees could then earn $150 every year each for achieving a BMI of under 27 and blood pressure under 140/90. The Disney program also offers a wellness team that provides health coaching to the company's employees and eligible spouses.

My Healthy Pursuits wellness programs offer companies a responsible way to reduce health risks in their employees and improve their wellness return on investment.