How Healthy Is the Paleo Diet?


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The Paleo diet has reportedly helped many of its practitioners lead healthier lives and even cure some diseases, even though the diet lacks a balance of modern foods such as dairy, grains and beans, according to Andrea Sachs for Time magazine. This regimen claims people who follow the same eating habits as cavemen lose weight, feel happier and gain energy.

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How Healthy Is the Paleo Diet?
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According to The Week, a U.S. News & World Report expert panel in January 2014 claimed that the Paleo diet is one of the worst of 32 mainstream diets for diabetes prevention, weight loss and heart health. Experts also felt the diet is not easy to follow and it is impractical.

Sachs explains that critics of the Paleo diet find the lifestyle is nutritionally deficient and too restrictive. Healthy foods such as dairy and legumes benefit people who try to avoid overly processed foods. Other experts claim the Paleo lifestyle restricts people to lean meats and plant material, which can get expensive.

The Paleo diet does have strong proponents, such as integrative medicine practitioner Chris Kresser in California, who claims the lifestyle cured his digestive disease. Nutritional clinician Kellyann Petrucci also told Sachs that she gained weight "like crazy" and had "lifeless skin" until the Paleo diet restored her vibrancy after turning 40. Despite the Paleo diet's set of vocal followers, U.S. News & World Report experts claim lack of comprehensive scientific research, beyond five small studies, make proving claims about the diet difficult, and further research is needed.

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