What Are Some Healthy Microwave Meals for Truckers?


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Scrambled eggs, low-sodium soups, and veggie or turkey burgers are some healthy microwave meals truckers can eat on the road. The options are numerous, and specific meal choices depend on the tastes and nutritional needs of the truck driver.

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Scrambled eggs can be prepared in the microwave by cracking an egg into a mug, beating it and microwaving it for 45 to 60 seconds, stirring occasionally. To make a healthy breakfast sandwich, place the scrambled eggs on a whole-wheat English muffin, and top it with low-fat cheese. Alternatively, roll the eggs in a whole-wheat tortilla with turkey bacon and a dash of salsa for a healthy breakfast burrito.

Canned or homemade soups make quick microwaveable meals for truckers. To ensure soups are as healthy as possible, keep the serving size modest and sodium levels low. Microwave frozen veggie or turkey burger patties, and serve them on a whole-wheat bun or lettuce leaf to make a quick, nutritious meal.

Steaming fresh vegetables and lean protein in a microwavable bag is also an option. Place one handful each of fresh snow peas, fresh mushrooms and sliced deli roast beef in a zip-top bag. Seal the bag, and microwave it for four minutes. Place the contents on a plate, and stir in a spoonful of whipped cream cheese to finish.

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