What Are Some Healthy Foods a Child Can Eat for Lunch?

What Are Some Healthy Foods a Child Can Eat for Lunch?

Healthy foods a child can eat for lunch include grilled chicken, whole wheat tortilla wraps, fruit and vegetables. The foods should be high in protein and fiber, with low salt and sugar content.

Grilled chicken can be eaten hot or cold and served with a dip for added flavor. Ingredients for the inside of a whole wheat tortilla wrap include cold cuts, low-fat cream cheese with vegetable slices, or peanut butter and jelly.

Snack options include trail mix, a cup of unsweetened apple sauce or an individual package of low-fat yogurt. Ingredients for homemade trail mix include cereal, nuts, pretzels, dried fruit and a few small pieces of chocolate.

Water is the beverage that a child should drink most often, according to MedicineNet. If he doesn't like the taste, a small amount of fruit juice can be added for flavoring. Over-consumption of fruit juices with high sugar content increases a child's obesity risk.

A child needs protein, calcium and carbohydrates, states the BBC. Protein helps him grow and provides a full feeling. Calcium builds his bones. Carbohydrates provide energy. Protein sources include chicken, fish and eggs. Calcium sources include milk, cheese and yogurt. Carbohydrate sources include bread, pasta and fruit.

A rule of thumb for portion sizes, particularly for protein sources and fruit, is to give a child a portion size equivalent to the palm of his hand.