What Are Some Healthy Drinks for Diabetics?


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Healthy drinks for a diabetic include calorie-free or low-calorie beverages such as water, coffee and unsweetened teas, claims American Diabetes Association. Low-fat milk and sugarless juice are also healthy for diabetics.

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What Are Some Healthy Drinks for Diabetics?
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To make water tastier, diabetics can flavor it by adding lemon or lime juice, which are calorie- and carbohydrate-free, recommends American Diabetes Association. Diabetics should avoid sugary drinks that raise blood glucose, such as regular soda, energy drinks, sweet tea and fruit punch.

Unsweetened teas include black, green and herbal teas. Such teas can be served hot or cold. Alternatively, diabetics can drink infused water. The preparation of infused water involves placing water with added cucumbers, fresh mint or strawberries in a fridge.

Diet soda and diet tea are free of carbohydrates and do not raise blood glucose. Diabetics can sweeten tea by adding low-calorie sweeteners.

Although low-fat milk and 100 percent sugarless juice contain calories and carbohydrates, they also contain significant amounts of crucial vitamins and minerals that are healthy for diabetics, according to American Diabetes Association. Diabetics should regulate the amount of milk and juice they drink to avoid consuming excessive calories and carbohydrates, which escalate blood glucose.

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